An invitation for 2017

In 2017, let’s not exchange…


In 2017, let’s not exchange being in God’s presence for talking about God’s presence.

Alone for half an hour with the door closed.

Or a walk in the park, mist settled on the ground; God in the security of the old trees and God in the fragility of the new; God in the life of the birds; God in the sacredness of space set aside for us to flourish.

In 2017, let’s not exchange being redeemed for explaining the system of redemption.

Understanding is important only insofar as it accompanies

raw experience.

A fresh start given whenever we return; not just once for all but every time.

Change that happens so slowly we might not notice a subtle transformation taking place, formed by small victories of sadness in place of bitterness; by acceptance in place of indignation; by existing accepted and acceptable in the present Now;

witnessed by the gradual accumulation of beauteous wrinkles –

and eye-contact that is ever more open.

In 2017 let’s not exchange experiencing God’s love for talking about God’s love.

To clear away the clutter

and hear the quiet whisper

You are my Daughter.  You are my Beloved.  You are my Chosen One.  I ordained your birth.  I have watched you, walked with you, run with you, cried with you.  I find joy in you.  I will never leave you.  You are my Daughter.  You are my Beloved.

In our Father’s house are many rooms – there is a place for you.

Talking about God’s love without experiencing it is like reading a book in a language you don’t understand.  You can say the words but you don’t really know what they mean.


Hear the quiet whisper.



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